Smartsensor Technologies has developed the World’s first smart barbecue solution which includes sensor, connectivity and platform.

A Smart Barbecue uses sensors fitted to the hotplates and via the internet sends device data to a centralised dashboard. The information provided includes:

  • Real-time visibility of barbecue usage;
  • Real-time alerts when hardware faults occur so that they can be resolved quickly and efficiently;
  • Insights into the types and regularity of faults as well as the time taken to resolve them;
  • Historical barbecue utilisation data to allow analysis of use based on location, season/weather, time of day, day of week, etc;
  • Improved understanding of barbecue cleaning and maintenance.

The award-winning GoACCESS platform provides real-time data insights including cleaning frequency, usage, temperature, alerts and maintenance statistics. The Smartsensor Smart barbecue device connects the ever-popular Christie CC2 electric cooktops to the internet, it provides an end-to-end asset management solution for public barbecues, by capturing detailed usage, performance, and maintenance data, and delivering it to you for convenient analysis.

Designed, developed and manufactured by Smartsensor Technologies, the Christie Smart Barbecue is available in Australia and New Zealand through Christie.