We are proud to announce Smartsensor Technologies expansion from Australia to NZ, and now to Canada as the country bears many resemblances to the Australian market in the quest and desire to adopt smart city and smart operation practices.

We have the pleasure of welcoming two leading industry experts to our team Paul Assaly, Vice President of Sales and Peter Uppal, Vice President of Business Development who are both based in Vancouver.

We asked Paul and Peter to share some insights with us when it comes to what lies ahead for Smartsensor Technologies in this upcoming period of expansion in North America…

“We are extremely excited to be a part of the Smartsensor Technologies team and have an opportunity to expand our smart waste management solutions directly here in North America” states Paul.

“The North American smart waste market has accelerated in recent years in adoption and education allowing it to rival that of the European market. North America has an incredible opportunity as it is set to account for the largest market share globally in the coming years. It is estimated approximately 22% of the cities in the United States and Canada have already implemented strategic programs, compared to just 7% of cities, worldwide.

With a current market value of USD 1.77 billion and expected to reach USD 6.52 billon by 2026, we see a massive opportunity to apply Smartsensor IoT solutions to efficient Waste Collection helping information to be collected, managed, and communicated forming an advanced Urban Platform for Innovation. To provide improved lifestyle in urban areas, smart waste management will be a key component in the development of smart cities. Solutions driven by technology and data will need to be implemented to reduce the added strain created by continued densification.

The increasing adoption of smart city initiatives across regions supports the growth of the smart waste management market.

Our goal here in North America is to provide market leading IoT solutions that make waste management more time, cost, and energy efficient while contributing to Sustainable Urban Development.

We will help accelerate the journey for smart cities and waste organizations in becoming smart waste leaders.” he adds.

As part of the launch Smartsensor Technologies has a new digital presence at www.smartsensor.ca with a North American focused website and client presentations.

Leon Hayes, Founder and Managing Director stated “This year marks our decade anniversary in pioneering smart waste as a company. By reaching this milestone and expanding internationally in the same year underpins the foundation and knowledge we have built in the smart waste and Internet of Things space. To match this knowledge with the expert local market knowledge of Peter and Paul will only help to bolster our expansion into North America and beyond.”

“I’ve had the pleasure of working at a high level with Peter and Paul for a number of months now and am truly inspired by their commitment to technology evolution and their alignment with our values.” confirmed Hayes.

About Smartsensor Technologies Canadian Leadership Team:

Paul Assaly, Vice President of Sales

IOT and analytics is a natural progression in Paul’s professional journey. Combining 30 plus years in telecom and technology start ups to help organizations succeed in their digital transformation, it simply does not get any better than that. With the extraordinary adoption of Smart city initiatives across North America IoT, AI and Data Analytics are poised to positively impact everyone’s day to day lives forever and we aim to be a significant contributor.

Peter Uppal, Vice President of Business Development

With over a decade of experience with large corporations and start-up’s within Technology, CPG and Retail environments Peter brings experience in sales and analytics to help educate and solve real world problems in the Smart Waste industry. As Smartsensor Technologies launches in North America, Peter is very confident and excited that we are at an incredible time where “digital transformation” is no longer just a catchy phrase in the smart waste industry. Smartsensor solutions stimulate the use of data and technology to bring efficiencies and scale to the utilization of waste as a resource.”

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Smartsensor Technologies in North America and we are excited to have Peter and Paul on board, helping us to expand our global impact.