The Christie x Smartsensor Technologies SmartBBQ sensor is the world’s first smart BBQ solution.

Able to be connected to NB-IoT, Cat1, LoRaWAN, and SigFox networks, the SmartBBQ sensor is a turn key managed smart asset. Using NB-IoT the device is truly a plug and play installation, no software or experts required, just turn it on.

Pre-installed in the Christie CC2-i BBQ, the SmartBBQ, simply plug in and turn on the device to begin experiencing the Christie GoAccess platform.

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Tech Specs

Sensors: Connected to Christie CC2-i BBQ Controller
Power: Powered by Christie CC2-i BBQ Controller
Connectivity: NB-IoT, CatM1, LoRaWAN, SigFox
Weight: 400g
Operational Temperature: From -40˚C to +65˚C
IP Rating: IP66
Dimensions: 45mm H x 155mm W x 85mm L

Smartsensor Platform

The Smartsensor platform is a comprehensive cloud based Internet of Things tool set.

Capturing sensor data in real time, the platform works around the clock to deliver:

  • Asset Management

  • Real Time Status Dashboard

  • Alert & Fault Monitoring

  • Sensor Lifecycle Management

  • 150+ Customised Reports

  • SMS & Email Alert Notifications

  • In-Vehicle & Operations Routing

  • Standards Based API for Data Access & Custom Reporting

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