With these uncertain times, it is critical to ensure the right information, the correct information is being shared amongst our community and country without error or without fear.

In any crisis, effective communication is paramount to the success of dealing with the crisis and navigating the community to safer waters.

It is with this aim of consistency of communication at the forefront, the Australian Government has released a detailed amount of campaign material that can be used by local governments, businesses, shopping centers, airports and other active areas of the community to clearly articulate the importance of taking the correct health steps and measures required to combat this crisis.

The national COVID-19 campaign aims to reduce the risk to Australians by helping them to:

  • make informed decisions
  • take up health recommendations

These resources provide information and tips to help everyone be more prepared.

You can access the resources from the Australian Government’s Health website here.

You can also access resources in a number of languages and these can be found are translated COVID-19 and campaign resources.

As part of this public awareness campaign, Smartsensor Technologies is stepping up to assist the councils and communities that have our Bigbelly Solar Compactors deployed within.

We have created a series of wrap designs that are being offered to our customers complimentary to assist them to quickly, seamlessly and effectively print the design with their local signwriting company and install the wraps on their fleet of Bigbelly stations.

For access to the design file of the wrap please reach out to your Account Executive or call us on 1300 893 610 and we will provide this to you as well as instructional information for your signage company.

Alternatively, if you would like Smartsensor Technologies to print and deliver the wraps, at cost, please advise.

If we can assist in any way, please do not hesitate to reach out.