18 March 2020


Dear Customers

With the current uncertainty across the globe as a result of the continued spread of COVID-19, I felt that it is important to provide you with an update regarding the continuity of business operations of Smartsensor Technologies at this time.


Our Team

Smartsensor Technologies has some of the most incredible team members who work across the globe daily to design, develop, engineer, serve and support our customers. It is our duty to ensure their wellbeing is held in the highest regard.

As such, we have enacted company-wide, domestic (Australia) and international travel restrictions as of 16th of March 2020. These restrictions will remain in place for the foreseeable future.

Smartsensor Technologies currently has team members based in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and each of these team members will begin working from home as of the 18th of March 2020.

Our business continuity plan is in place and all customer service will be completed by phone and email support.

All meetings with customers and others will be held virtually and our team will be available to book these meetings as you require.


Business Operations

One of the most sustainable features of our business operations is our as-a-Service model which ensures that our software platforms, customer service platforms and company communications platforms are managed via the cloud. This ensures our team is available to remotely monitor our customers’ internet of things platforms and smart waste networks 24/7 and service accordingly.

Over the past 3 months we have increased our supply network from our manufacturing in the USA, Mexico, Taiwan and Australia. We currently sit in a very good position in this regard and will continue to work to fulfill all orders.

All sea freight is currently being reviewed daily and we will continue to keep our customers updated on a weekly basis regarding order delivery.

It must be noted, some customisation and installation works may be delayed due to travel restrictions, however, we will work to ensure this disruption is minimised.

Service visits will for the near term remain in place, however, they will be subject to service personnel in the state of which you are located. We are contacting all of our service clients this week to understand more of their operating hours and schedule upcoming service visits in line with their requirements.

Another highly important feature of the internet of things deployments and specifically a smart waste deployment is the reduction of collection visits to bins that our customers will be able to realise over the coming months. This will not only assist our customers in managing costs but most importantly should reduce the time of waste team members visiting public spaces.

Our team can be contacted on 1300 893 610, suppo[email protected] or on their individual contact details.

I want to wish you a safe and prosperous journey ahead and we will continue to serve you with excellence.


Leon Hayes

Managing Director