How does Smartsensor connect?

Smartsensor uses a variety of connection methods depending on what is required:

  • 3G/4G – Vodafone network (Battery Life is 12 mths based on 1 hour heartbeats)
  • LoRawan - (Today Things Connected has 145 LPWAN base stations, covering 6 regions in the UK, including London) (Battery Life is 24-36 mths based on 1 hour heartbeats)
  • NB-IOT (NB-IoT is a specification developed by 3GPP, and was standardised as part of 3GPP Release 13 in June 2016.) NB-IoT is an ‘industrial grade’ LPWA solution – it runs on licenced spectrum which guarantees quality of service and a future-proofed capability) (Battery Life is 24-48 mths based on 1 hour call ins)


How long does the battery?

As per the above however on average the battery will last on average 24 months with hourly heartbeats. We expect this to be increased to 36 months in Q1 2019 production using NB-IOT or Lorawan


How does it install?

Smartsensor can be attached to any bin lid or frame directly using two M5 Security screws. Smartsensor can be attached to a bracket if required as well as 3M VHB tape for containers that do not want to be pierced.

What are the pricing models?

Smartsensor devices and platform access pricing is provided to clients based on quantities, connectivity types and inclusions. Please contact us for a detailed proposal.


How many users can access the platform?

For each user account, the account owner can create unlimited user accounts.


What sensor does it use?

Smartsensor uses Ultrasonic Sensor and our new generation device will also use Optical Sensors for greater accuracy.


What battery does it use?

Smartsensor uses 1 or 2 x C Cell batteries, they come with the sensor, the brand name is SAFT (Defence grade, arguably the best in the world).


Does Smartsensor have an API?

Yes, Smartsensor has a complete REST API library for connecting data to any other platform.

  • Setup

    Smartsensor will, on receipt of payment and the receipt of a completed Smartsensor New Customer Onboarding Form will set up the Smartsensor platform account for the new customer organisation, including but not limited to:

    • Set up and sending of New User emails to the nominated account administrator.
    • Customisation of Platform to suit the end customer, including uploading of logo and organisation details.
    • Assigning of Smartsensor devices to the organisation account.
    • Assigning the configurations to the account including Bin Type, Fill Height, Fill Gap, Bin Image and Location to the Main Address of the customer.


  • Onboarding

    Smartsensor will provide a minimum of one (1), one-hour online training session per new customer to provide training and overview of the Smartsensor platform.

    Smartsensor will guide the customer to setting up Zones, Locations, Inventory, Assets, Reports and custom settings.


  • On Going Support

    Smart Sensor will provide phone and email support between the hours of 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday GMT, excluding public holidays.


  • On Site Support

    Smart Sensor will provide onsite support to assist in the placement of bins / Smartsensors, set up, training. Metro areas only.


  • On Site Support (Warranty)

    Smartsensor will provide on Site Support for all Warranty claims within seven (7) business days of request during the warranty period.


  • SMS Notifications

    Smart Sensor will set up initial SMS and Email Notifications based on the customers requested Fill Level Alert and based on the customers requested Temperature Alert. SMS notifications will be provided at the rate of .10p Per SMS, and invoiced monthly to the customer if they select SMS notifications.


  • Replacement Battery

    Smart Sensor will provide a replacement battery if required to the customer within seven (7) days of request (due to land freight required).


  • Dead-On-Arrival

    If at any time a Smart Sensor device is delivered this device will be replaced at no cost by Smart Sensor at no cost. Upon identifying the device is not working, the client will contact Smart Sensor to complete various checks. If found DOA, a replacement device will be sent to the client with five (5) business days. The DOA device will be collected by Smartsensor’s courier.


  • Warranty

    Smartsensor will provide a 12-month warranty on all devices for the customer.


  • Extended Warranty

    The customer can select an extended warranty during the 11th month of deployment when they are deciding to continue the Software subscription. Extended Warranty is currently £2 Per Smartsensor per Month.


  • Extension of Software Subscription

    During the 11th month of Smart Sensor will contact the customer to offer and extension to the software subscription in the form of a 12, 24, 36, 48 or 60-month Agreement.