About Us


Smartsensor® is a game changing rubbish bin fullness-level sensor and software platform that enables your waste network to become a smart waste network. Waste is a growing issue across the planet.Overflowing bins leads to environmental damage, poor user experience, and increased operational costs. With Smartsensor® we are able to provide you with an eye into each of your waste containers so you’ll know exactly which bins are ready to be emptied and when.

The data from the Smartsensor® is then sent directly to your web enabled device, which is then presented across multiple platforms such as Smartsensor® Dashboard, Smartsensor® App and Smartsensor® Voyager.

Our Vision

Smartsensor® has a vision of a World without Waste. We aim to be a leader in sustainable Smart Waste and Connected Waste Management Solutions for all communities. Our focus as a business is based on delivering cost effective Waste Management Solutions for Waste Management Teams, Facilities Management Companies, Governments and Private Sector.