What is Smartsensor®?

Smartsensor® is a game changing rubbish bin fullness-level sensor and software platform that enables your waste network to become a smart waste network. Waste is a growing issue across the planet.Overflowing bins leads to environmental damage, poor user experience, and increased operational costs. With Smartsensor® we are able to provide you with an eye into each of your waste containers so you’ll know exactly which bins are ready to be emptied and when.

The data from the Smartsensor® is then sent directly to your web enabled device, which is then presented across multiple platforms such as Smartsensor® Dashboard, Smartsensor® App and Smartsensor® Voyager.


Smartsensor® Dashboard

Optimise your waste collection.

Smartsensor® is the ground breaking smart waste platform that enables cities and facilities to gain a total visual of their smart waste deployment. Imagine being able to see every depot, bin, truck,and refuse station in one integrated map.

With Smartsensor® Dashboard you can:

  • Identify potential issues before they exist
  • Observe all elements of your waste network in a real time map
  • Zoom in on each bin, truck, or depot and receive up to the minute information
  • View fullness and temperature levels of each bin, and receive maintenance alerts
  • View reports and predictions

Why is Smartsensor® the future of waste management?

Smartsensor® enables you to control the collection frequency of your waste bins. The Smartsensor® sensor is designed to provide you with fullness levels of your rubbish bins 24/7. This data is then used to determine the most efficient route to collect your waste.


What is Smartsensor®?

The Smartsensor® uses a robust ultrasonic sensor designed and assembled in Australia. The sensor is rugged enough to handle the world’s most extreme temperatures and conditions whilst remaining discrete within your rubbish bin or container.

Smartsensor® Dynamic Routing

Waste collection systems have remained unchanged for decades and have become out-dated and inefficient. Collecting empty, near empty, or over-flowing waste containers is a major issue.

With Smartsensor® you are able to gain an insight into the fullness levels of your rubbish bins and have the data returned to you via any web enabled browser. This data can then be used to dynamically route the best collection route options, instantly.

Smartsensor® Dynamic Routing enables you to:

  • Gain a city-wide view of your entire waste management operation
  • Pull instant routing reports on the most efficient routes possible
  • Daily plan and print routes ahead of schedule
  • Connect to multiple Smart City Platforms
  • Engage directly with your fleet and drivers
  • Track your fleet dynamically and safely
  • Manage customer service and KPI’s efficiently