Sense, Monitor, Route, Analyse

Waste management connected. From bin to truck to depot. The power is in your hands.

Smartsensor® is a cloud hosted service, available 24/7, with no need to install software. It is a comprehensive waste management platform unlike any other on the market. You can grow your sensing as you grow your network - only ever pay for what you need. Smartsensor® comes with accessible and well-presented real time reporting. We believe that smart cities begin with cities that are safe, clean, and connected. Smartsensor® is the Registered Trademark of Smartsensor Pty Ltd.

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Our Vision

Smartsensor® has a vision of a World without Waste. We aim to be a leader in sustainable Smart Waste and Connected Waste Management Solutions for all communities. Our focus as a business is based on delivering cost effective Waste Management Solutions for Waste Management Teams, Facilities Management Companies, Governments and Private Sector.

Our Clients